Metroline proudly launched the world’s first zero emission, all electric double decker on Route 98 between Willesden and Holborn.

The almost silent bus has been praised for its very impressive environmental credentials; the new bus is zero-emission and zero-tailpipe-pollution emitting which will be a significant benefit for Londoners.

Metroline’s Chief Executive Officer Mr. Jaspal Singh said, “Metroline is proud and delighted to have been chosen by Transport for London to launch the world’s first all electric, zero emission double decker bus service in London, reputedly one of the most challenging bus operating environments in the world, with customers who demand and deserve nothing but the best. This is a significant and exciting moment for us all, and underscores our determination to lead the industry as well as our commitment to our customers and Transport for London to deliver the very best service possible.”

Engineers estimate the new bus will be able to travel 190 miles or more than 300 km on a single charge, meaning the vehicles will be able to remain in service all day without stopping to recharge.

Developed by vehicle manufacturer BYD with fast charging equipment at Metroline’s Willesden bus garage, BYD designed and developed the 10.2m long vehicles to TfL specifications which feature air conditioning, seats for 54 passengers and space for 27 standing passengers.

The buses are equipped with BYD designed and built Li-ion iron-phosphate batteries, delivering 340 kWh of power through a permanent magnet synchronous motor that come with 12 year battery warranty. The batteries can power the bus continually for over 20 hours and up to 190 miles (300 km) of typical urban driving on service routes with a single daily recharging requiring only four hours.