Metroline has played a pivotal part in the stories of many from across the world over the years. For Engineering Mechanic Maksym, it has been a job that has helped build a new life for him and his family after escaping the devastating conflict in Ukraine.

Originally from Kherson, a city that has seen significant fighting and bombardment during the conflict, Maksym, his wife and daughter were able to leave due to the UK’s Ukrainian Sponsorship Scheme. “My wife looked online and saw about the volunteers in UK who were sponsoring Ukrainians to come the UK,” he recalls. “We found someone and wrote him a message, got acquainted with him via video and they were happy to write an invitation. First came my wife and daughter and I followed 6 months later.”

Thanks to the hospitality of the host family, they were quickly able to settle. Hs wife has been able to start a business providing manicures and pedicures whilst his daughter, now 12 goes to school. Maksym, a mechanic back home, was quickly able to find work at Metroline thanks to the help of a friend and has now already worked here for a year. ““I like this company…everyone has welcomed me really well and I like repairing cars, bus, everything!” he says.

Even so, London’s buses have taken some getting used to. “In Ukraine buses are small, not too big, no double-deckers, all buses are diesel,” explains Maksym. It’s no surprise then that he prefers working on those more traditional mechanical vehicles, rather than the newer vehicles. “I prefer Volvos, Hydrogen no good!” he jokes.

Maksym is also very thankful for the help that the garage, particularly Engineering Manager Gareth Muckett, has given him. “This garage has a good manager, an amazing man. He helped me every time, I have questions for him, he helps every time,” Maksym says.

Gareth is happy to have been able to help, “Maksym is a good guy, and works hard. I’m glad we’ve been able to give him an opportunity to get away from a war-torn country and build a new life at Metroline.”