Time to put the ME in Metroline

Starting your career journey with Metroline

Metroline employees reflect the rich, cultural diversity of the community in which we operate our business.

As a business service, we ensure all our staff, operational or non-operational, understand that the two most important things to Metroline are customers and colleagues.

Your personal development matters to us

If you become a Metroline employee, you will be offered a whole range of training and development. To Metroline, training is not just for new recruits. We see investment in skills and educational opportunities as a necessity, not a luxury, and we go out of our way to ensure we provide ongoing development opportunities for all staff.

Our ultimate objective is to raise the profile and status of the bus driver and we strongly believe that investment in training and education is essential to achieving this.

For driving opportunities please e-mail the Recruitment Department at [email protected].

“I drive for Metroline because I’m saving for a deposit for a flat and I can put in extrashifts to get there faster. The mortgage company like the fact that my job is secure. Not long to go now.”


A career for life with Metroline

Keeping London moving
Keeping the Fleet in Top Condition
Support Roles
Working behind the scenes to keep buses on the road

Real people talking about real jobs

“I really enjoy it”
“I love it”
“The training was brilliant”
“Everyone is friendly”