A new “Wellbeing Bus” was launched this week which is designed to help improve the health of bus drivers. The Wellbeing Bus is a collaborative project between Transport for London, Unite the Union, and London’s Bus operators and is being delivered by occupational health service provider Medigold Health as part of a London-wide initiative.

Launched at West Perivale on Monday 4th November, the Wellbeing Bus has been developed to provide advice and professional health screenings to help identify possible issues or risk factors that could contribute to poor health. The bus has already received a positive reception from drivers and will make its way across all 15 Metroline garages over the next few months.

The Wellbeing Bus will provide rapid health diagnosis in an easily understood format that drivers can even access whilst on their break. The bus will be staffed by Medigold Health’s Occupational Health Technicians and features two electronic health assessment kiosks. Completely free of charge, drivers and other employees will be able to receive a full professional wellbeing screening on the bus, through the health assessment kiosk which will measure height, weight, body mass index, body fat %, blood pressure, heart rate and hydration level.

The screening also features the Boomerang Life Balance, which looks at various factors of an employee’s lifestyle including sleep, smoking, relaxation, home life, work life, stress, diet, alcohol and exercise. Following their screening, the Occupational Health Technicians will be on hand to provide each employee with guidance and lifestyle advice. Information leaflets featuring health tips and advice for various fatigue related conditions including sleep apnoea will also be provided on the bus.

Medigold Health’s Deputy CEO, Scot Smith, was at the launch and commented; “At Medigold Health we are passionate about employee health and wellbeing and we know, first-hand, that a healthy workforce makes for a safer, happier workforce. We are delighted to be working with TfL, Unite and a number of leading London Bus Operators to deliver a proactive, efficient and accessible wellbeing solution for bus drivers and employees across London.”

Speaking at the launch, Metroline’s Managing Director Steve Harris said, “We are delighted to launch the Wellbeing bus across our garages. This is a really good step forwards and represents a positive collaboration between TfL, Unite, London’s Bus Operators and Medigold Health. The bus looks great and I would like to thank our engineers and everyone connected in the launch for their outstanding work, with this new initiative, drivers will be able to get further assistance, information and support to remain in the best of health.”

The Wellbeing Bus will be at Metroline garages between 4th November 2019, and 20th January 2020