Holloway driver Stan Davern has safely served Londoners for the last 38 years without ever being involved in a blameworthy collision. “Stan has received a host of commendations over the years, has an impeccable attendance record, and importantly doesn’t have a single blameworthy collision to his name,” says Metroline’s Head of Transport Safety, Ray Webb. Ray continues, “Stan reads the road well and no matter how busy it gets, he always keeps calm and in control. 38 years of safe driving is a remarkable achievement and we are delighted that he was awarded the Transport Safety Champion of the Year.”

This special award is sponsored by QBE and was presented earlier in the year at the Metroline Service Awards in recognition of Stan’s outstanding achievement.  “Winning this Award is a huge achievement and to mark this, Stan was recently treated to a very special meal at a restaurant of his choice, for him and his partner in London. Before they were wined and dined, they were whisked away by chauffeur for a truly memorable night out fitting of the occasion,” says Operations Manager John Evlogimenos who nominated Stan for the Award.

“I really enjoy driving, that’s why I’m still doing it,” says Stan,” but I couldn’t believe this, it was such a surprise to be recognised in this way. I would have been happy to have been given the day off, but to be taken out like this by the Company was such a surprise, it was really fantastic.”

Holloway’s Garage Manager Fola Olawo-Jerome notes that “Stan has exceptional performance and attendance records with MTS commendations for excellent performance. He is friendly, calm under pressure, professional and clearly a very safe driver, a great example of one of London’s best bus drivers and we are very proud of him.”