Congratulations to Marian Wudu on winning the Garage Hero (other) award at the London Bus Awards! Taking place on 14th July 2022, Marian won the award for her fantastic work keeping her Garage running during the height of the 2020 pandemic.

As the United Kingdom went into lockdown in March 2020 and the outbreak worsened in April 2020, Metroline’s Alperton garage experienced a significant drop in staff attendance.  It was during such a time that Marian stepped up to the challenge. With her can-do attitude, she took on extra responsibilities by doubling up as a Garage Administration Supervisor (GAS) and Mileage Clerk to support ad hoc business requirements such as scheduling the redeployment of GAS, who were able to drive, on the roads. To maximise mileage and prevent staff cuts, Marian ensured the right number of drivers were deployed to work overtime and paid accordingly.

Despite these extra responsibilities, Marian never missed the deadlines for her work as a Missing Trip Verification Clerk. She continued to maintain high standards with zero errors in her reports. Even when she was offered the option to work from home, Marian chose instead to work in office so as to better support the garage.

Her passion for her role did not stop there. She would often volunteer her help on weekends and evenings to ensure the continued smooth operations of the garage during the pandemic, such was her dedication.

Congratulations on the well deserved recognition Marian!

Marian is presented the award by Tom Cunnington, Head of Bus Development Transport for London. Image courtesy of TfL