Wayne Ellis (centre) and the latest group of Apprentices.

Metroline is home to one of the largest and most successful engineering apprenticeship schemes in London, with apprentices going on to become Master Technicians and even Engineering Managers. It’s a success story that it is hoped to be replicated in other areas such as IT and administration.

The engineering apprenticeship is a five-year program that leads to a Level 3 NVQ qualification in bus and coach engineering. Wayne Ellis, Metroline’s Training and Development Manager oversees the scheme and the future plans for it, “I oversee apprenticeships across the business. We’re expanding into various fields, not just engineering. My role ensures our apprenticeship programs run smoothly, supporting managers and apprentices throughout.”

Metroline’s college partnerships are pivotal. “Most colleges offer some bus and coach apprenticeships, but it’s a niche. We work with Total People and have recently finalised a partnership with Uxbridge College,” Wayne revealed.

The rigorous training process puts apprentices at the fast-moving centre of Metroline’s day-to-day engineering activity. This gives them the skills and experience they need to keep London moving, and puts them in the company of the best in the country early in their careers. A recent example of engineering excellence created by the apprenticeship scheme was seen at this year’s IRTE Skills Challenge in Birmingham. “Our apprentices and technicians face practical scenarios, online tests, and theoretical assessments. Joe David a former apprentice, clinched victory this year, showcasing our program’s success,” Wayne proudly stated.

Fifth year apprentice Ashley Foster shares the positive impact the scheme has had on him: “It’s a great experience. You meet a lot of people in different garages and work with all sorts of people. It is great for developing people’s skills. For somebody that is considering an apprenticeship here, I’d say go for it. Once you’re open to learning, you’ll enjoy it.”

Metroline is committed to shaping the future, and the apprenticeship scheme plays a crucial role.