This week saw Holloway Garage host a special delegation from the Government of India’s Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, facilitated by Transport for London. The delegates alongside some representatives of TfL were given a presentation on Metroline’s operations in London, highlighting the successes and challenges of operating in the city. The delegation also received a tour around the century-old garage, and were deeply interested in the efficiency of Metroline’s electric bus operation.

Managing Director Stephen Harris said “It was a pleasure to receive the delegation from India’s Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. We were pleased to be able to share our insight and expertise as a London Bus Operator, highlighting our partnership with Transport for London and our trailblazing work with electric buses in the capital. As one of the world’s fastest growing economies, we hope that the visit to Metroline has helped to provide inspiration for the continuing development of their own rapidly evolving and highly modern transport networks.”