Metroline is taking part in the nationwide Women in Bus and Coach initiative, launched to create a national network that encourages, represents, supports and retains women and is backed by Transport for London. Despite progress made in hiring women into bus and coach, women still only make up 10% of employees in our industry. At an inaugural meeting in 2023, women from Bus operators across London were invited to an event where senior figures from each participating company made a commitment to taking steps to improving the industry for women.

In November, a Parliamentary event took place to celebrate the launch of the initiative, attended by bus and coach industry representatives alongside MPs from all sides of the political spectrum. Speakers at the event reaffirmed the need to ensure a continuous focus on issues surrounding support and retention of women in the industry and to stop women from being pushed to the background.

There was a particular emphasis on facilities, menopause, mental health, flexibility in working times and how women can be better attracted to the industry. Metroline has already started taking positive steps, launching a survey for female employees and trialing free sanitary products in female bathrooms at pilot sites across the business. Work has also begun on a recruitment campaign aimed at engaging women who are thinking of joining the industry and dispelling myths by speaking to women from across Metroline.

Deputy Head of Transport Safety Anna Tkaczyk, who is leading the Women in Bus and Coach project for Metroline, said: “This is a significant step towards improving gender equality and inclusivity across the whole industry, and I’m pleased to say that Metroline is taking a proactive role. As a woman who has been in the bus industry for over a decade, it has not always been an easy ride, and it’s encouraging to see that action is being taken to help to create a better working experience for women.”

Deputy Head of Transport Safety Anna Tkaczyk represented Metroline at the Parliamentary Event