A render of the large, new Brentford garage building.
A render of the new Brentford garage.

Since 2004 Brentford Bus Garage has been a key part of Metroline, being the launchpad for buses serving Central London via Hammersmith as well as Heathrow, Hounslow. The aging site dating back to the 1960s has long been in need of modernisation to meet the demands of London’s modern bus network.


In 2022, that modernisation commenced with an ambitious project to build a brand new bus garage fit for the 21st century whilst maintaining operation of bus services at a temporary site next door. The significance of the project is not lost on Alix Butler, Zero Emission Transformation Manager, who also oversaw the electrification of Edgware and Willesden Junction Garages. “This project has been on the table for 10 years,” Alix notes. “There’s a huge residential and commercial drive in the Brentford Lock West area, and we want our transportation services to complement this growth.”


Despite the logistical obstacles that such a project entails, Alix had nothing but praise for the Brentford Garage team who rose to the challenge during the move to the temporary facilities; “Moving over to the temporary site wasn’t easy. It’s the team behind us, the operations team, the engineering team, and the drivers have done a great job in keeping it all running. They’ve worked together and really brought this to life.”


The new Brentford Garage is set to be a fantastic place to work, poised to house over 100 vehicles, and seven routes, including the iconic Route 9 from January—a direct link to Central London. This continued investment in infrastructure is part of our ongoing commitment to both our people, passengers and the local community that we serve.