Trainee Network Planning Analyst – ML566

Department: Schedules
Location: Head office (Cricklewood)
Closing Date: May 31, 2024

Job Summary

To compile efficient and effective Schedules, both for Tendering requirements and Operational purposes, under the direction of the Assistant Schedules Manager.

The Compiler must produce Schedules taking into account Safety, Reliability, Acceptability and Cost, particularly in terms of meeting performance targets and maximising possible route bonuses.

Main Responsibilities

  • To maintain a full knowledge of current Operating and Scheduling Agreements.
  • To maintain a full knowledge of the Law relating to Domestic Drivers Hours regulations (where different from the Company Scheduling Agreement).
  • To acquire and maintain a reasonable knowledge of the Company’s operating area, particularly with regard to Garage and relief point locations.
  • To maintain a full knowledge of the Scheduling System used by the Company.
  • To compile accurate Running Time and Mileage Forms, particularly by comparing Timings and Mileages between routes over common sections of road for consistency.
  • To compile efficient Time Schedules, within tight deadlines, that adhere strictly to Transport for London specifications and with due regard to the appropriate Schedules agreement. This includes optimising the numbers of buses required with adequate amount of recovery time.
  • To compile efficient Duty Schedules, with regard to the appropriate Schedules agreement and local Garage requirements such as the Maximum Driving Hours and Daily Spreadover limits as set out in the Company Schedules Agreement or the Road Traffic Act 1930 (as amended).
  • To compile efficient Rotas, with regard to the appropriate Garage requirements and the Hours of Rest required by either the Company or the Road Traffic Act 1930 (as amended).
  • To compile rail replacement or seasonal schedule and utilise the fleet to the full ability.
  • To enable correct processing of Draft Schedules to Final Operational Schedules as required.
  • To assist other members of the department from time to time in preparing and dispatching Final Schedules, both paper-based and electronic
  • Preparation of drivers dutycards and other scheduling items.
  • To be prepared to undertake on-bus surveys or running time analysis.
  • To undertake any general office-related duties from time to time.

Desirable knowledge

  • Basic understanding of TfL as an organisation and its tender model.
  • Knowledge of London bus network.
  • Knowledge of Operating and Scheduling Agreements and the Law relating to Domestic Drivers Hours regulations.
  • Knowledge of the Company’s operating area.

Competencies & skills

  • Excellent written and spoken English with the ability to communicate clearly.
  • Excellent attention for detail.
  • Ability to operate as a team player and work well under pressure.
  • Strong computer skills for Microsoft Word and Excel application.
  • Highly organised, motivated and able to prioritise workload.
  • Ability to manage own workload effectively and work to strict deadlines.
  • Ability to use initiative and identify solutions when a problem or difficult situation arises.

Hours of work

38 hours per week, Monday to Friday

The Equality Act

Metroline is an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment with due regard to legal obligations for protected characteristics i.e. age, disability, marriage and civil partnership, gender reassignment, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion and belief, sex and sexual orientation.

How to apply

Please email a covering letter of application and CV to Preyesh Lukha, Human Resources Administrator, [email protected]