Customer Commendations

Here is what our customers have to say everyday

I cannot praise the Bus Driver on this route highly enough...

“I cannot praise the bus driver on this route highly enough…smooth acceleration, excellent traffic anticipation and therefore no heavy breaking, the smoothest of journeys I have had the pleasure to enjoy.”

Customer on Mrs Aleskerova's bus
Route 282
Top driver! Really Great Guy...

“The driver is a great driver. I’m a regular on his bus. The journey is always very smooth and easy. His driving is immaculate and I always feel very safe on his bus. Top driver! Really great guy.”

Customer on Mr Jamah's bus
Route 139
This driver deserves so much credit....

“…Driver stopped at every bus stop to serve passengers and also saw me running for the bus… he stopped and waited for me to get on with a smile on his face. This driver deserves so much credit and well done to him, well done.”

Customer on Mr Bala's bus
Route 112

Your journeys matter to our drivers

He makes my journey on the bus very pleasant...

“The driver is always very nice and respectful.  I am very pleased with his positive attitude, and he makes my journey on the bus very pleasant.”

Customer on Mr Sachdeva's bus
Route E6
Well done to her...

“London bus drivers are my heroes. Their skill and judgement never ceases to amaze me, especially as their job gets more and more difficult as the roads get narrower, more roadworks, erratic drivers etc. Well done to her.”

Customer on Ms Dekic's bus
Route 31
I am very impressed with the driver...

“I was a little confused where the bus went, and he was happy to direct me when to get off and where to go. He definitely knew the surrounding area! I got off at the next stop and he said to have a good day. I am very impressed with the driver as he was very professional, very informative and extremely helpful.”

Customer on Mr Atta's bus
Route E9

Our drivers go the extra mile for our customers


There are still some good people...

“…I was travelling with a friend and her cat from the vet and unfortunately I forgot my new Samsung S22 phone on the bus. I was desperate calling my phone from my friend’s phone…the driver answered the phone and told me he just finished his route and was coming back the other way round. I just waited at the bus stop and he gave me the phone back…there are still some good people in the world!!

Customer on Mr Abdullah's bus
Route 206
She is polite, friendly and helpful...

“…She was not only helpful in answering my travel query but I observed her helping other customers in a way unlike I’ve seen in London for many years. She is polite, friendly and helpful, going out of her way to provide top customer service.”

Customer on Mrs Asamoah Agbley's bus
Route 43
Absolutely impressed...

“I just wanted to say how absolutely impressed I was with your driver, he was polite and very friendly to all customer. Very good to a lady with a pram too. Lots of people waved when they got off and he wished people a good evening too.”

Customer on Mr Patel's bus
Route 204