Service Updates

Routes 242, 305 and PB1:

Monday – Friday Schoolday timetables apply until Friday 24th May 2024 and are reintroduced on Monday 03 June 2024.

Monday – Friday School Holiday timetables apply from Tuesday 28th May 2024 until Friday 31st May 2024.

Public Holiday Arrangements for Country Routes

Routes 305 and PB1 do not operate on public holidays. A Sunday service between Waltham Cross  and Welham Green on most public/bank holidays on route 242, operated by Central Connect on behalf of Hertfordshire County Council. For further details, please see

Motorway Incidents

Our Country routes run in close proximity to the M1, M25 and A1(M) motorways. Incidents (collisons and the like) occur from time to time on these motorways causing traffic to slow down or stop. When this occurs, much of the traffic diverts onto local roads which have much less capacity than the motorway, slowing these roads to a crawl. Such events can have a severe impact on our routes, as the resulting delays can often be 30 minutes or more, for which it is not possible for us to provide in our normal schedule.

Our staff do their best to deal with these situations and try to return the service to the timetable as quickly as possible but there is little that can be done while traffic is not moving. We will let our customers know by Twitter whenever possible when such instances occur and what effect they are having and we can only ask for your patience in circumstances which are beyond our control.

We are not currently aware of any other planned roadworks or closures affecting our Country routes. You can also check roadworks throughout Hertfordshire by clicking here.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused as a result of the impact on our services.

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