This scheme has now ended.

For a limited period (which is at the discretion of the company) Metroline is currently offering a £1500 bonus to new recruits joining our Potters bar Garage, if they hold both a Category D licence and valid DQC with an expiry date over 2 years from the date of application.


The bonus is not open to you, if you:

  • join Metroline via any recruitment agency
  • are a previous employee
  • are a Non PCV holder
  • you are transferring between any Metroline Travel or Metroline West garage.
  • are transferring under TUPE rules
  • failed to submit your application online between 02/03/2021 & 31/05/2021 inc.
  • failed to sign and receive a countersigned copy of this letter


If none of the above apply:

We are pleased to confirm that you have qualified for this Joining Bonus, subject to you agreeing to the following terms:



The Joining Bonus is paid in three instalments, being:

  • Instalment A/ £500 after 3 months in service
  • Instalment B/ £500 after a further 6 months in service
  • Instalment C/ £500 once 12 months service has been completed successfully.


You will become ineligible for the Joining Bonus if:

  • You leave service with Potters Bar before completing twelve months of service.
  • You have more than 5 days of non-attendance during your first 12 months of service.
  • You are found to be at fault for any blame worthy incident during your first 12 months of service.