Bus advertising

get your name on metrolines london busesWant your company name to be seen by millions?

What better way to advertise to millions than splashing your name across something continually moving through London, all day long?

There are plenty of opportunities to advertise on a Metroline bus; from the back of a bus ticket to the entire vehicle.

Metroline buses operate through out North and North West London and into the West End and City, areas that give you prime opportunity to be noticed by tourists, Londoners, passengers and road users alike.

So if you want to see your name travelling along Oxford Street, contact Global at https://global.com/outdoor/ for more details.

Vehicle hire

hire metroline's vintage red London Bus for corporate eventsHeritage vehicle hire - Make your day one to remember!

Riding in one of Metroline's heritage fleet vehicles is a fantastically unique way to travel for any occasion.

The Routemaster

The Routemaster, developed by London Transport after the Second World War, has developed itself as a classic and a much loved London icon. Even with the demise of this famous bus from public service in 2005, these buses still remain close to the hearts of people from all generations, from all parts of the world.

Our 1960s Routemaster buses are meticulously maintained and restored to provide an excellent transportation mode for most occasions and journeys. Built originally to transport a large amount of people through the streets of London, our buses can carry up to 72 people or provide an excellent venue for smaller groups.

Open top bus

Metroline's Open Top Bus is the best way to see the famous tourist sites of London or enjoy a countryside visit in the summer. It is the perfect way to host an event, party or even a promotional campaign for your customers. As seen in the photograph, our bus has been used for very memorable occasions, offering a unique way to make you day much more special.

For more information, contact us using the following details where we will be happy to discuss your requirements:

Telephone: +44 (0) 20 8218 8879

Email: [email protected]

If you are looking to hire a coach and not a bus, try our associated company :www.westbus.co.uk.