Discounted tickets are available to schoolchildren and students for periods of half a school term, subject to the conditions mentioned below. Two ticket types can be purchased:

1) ‘Rover’ giving unlimited travel* throughout routes 84 and 242; or

2) ‘Colney’ giving unlimited travel* on route 84/ between Colney Fields Retail Park and St Albans (City Centre/Townsend/Girls’ Schools).

* - Please note: Only valid on Metroline buses NOT on other operators' buses (so not available for use on route 242 on Sundays and Public Holidays when another operator runs the service).

Buy your ticket from the driver, paying cash, at the beginning of the half-term period (including the preceding weekend). Prices vary with the length of term, please see below for the current term's pricing.


The following age conditions apply to Scholars' tickets

  • Age 5 and under 14 - proof of age not required
  • Age 14 and under 19 - if showing a valid Hertfordshire Saver Card, obtainable from Hertfordshire County Council subject to conditions, see
  • Age 14 and under 16 - if showing a valid child rate Zip/Oyster photocard, obtainable from Transport for London subject to conditions, see
    This card can only be used to obtain a Scholar's ticket on Route 84 (not route 242) and the journey must start or finish within Greater London (New Barnet Station – Hadley Highstone).


Scholars' tickets are available for use at all times including weekends between the start and expiry dates. They are not transferable between users. Refunds are not given for unused periods, lost or defaced tickets.

Prices for Summer Term 2017

Price per half term Summer (1)
Rover  £  60.00
Colney  £  45.00
Price per half term Summer (2)
Rover  £  65.00
Colney  £  55.00

(1) Monday 24th April 2017 to Saturday 27th May 2017. 

(2) Monday 5th June 2017 to Friday 21st July 2017.  

Please see 'Our Fares and Tickets' for full details of our ticket ranges including Adult and other child rate fare deals.