From the above date, normal Monday – Friday timetables will be introduced on the above date on Routes 84, 242 and PB1.

These will be the timetables that were planned for introduction on 28 March 2020 but were not introduced being replaced by emergency timetables that were implemented due to the Covid – 19 situation.

Whenever possible, we will operate duplicate/higher capacity buses on schooldays on some school journeys on Routes 84 and 242 to assist in social distancing on these journeys. Some duplicate buses will be restricted to carrying schoolchildren only. These maybe subject to review or alteration once they have started operation.

Timetables can be viewed by clicking here


When travelling on our Country Services at the current time, please note the following information and guidance: 

The number of people we can carry on each bus is temporarily reduced – please see notice on or by the entrance door of the bus. 

Try to keep 2 metres apart from others whenever possible or 1 metre plus if this is not possible.

Use a window seat when available and sit where there are vacant seats immediately in front of you or behind you. If you are from the same household or bubble then you can sit together.
Open a window if this does cause too much inconvenience to other passengers.

Remember to wear a face covering at all times as this is now a requirement when using public transport unless you have a reason for exemption, this includes children aged 11 and over.

Pay using our contactless facility or where applicable by M-ticket. If you have to pay by cash then please tender the exact fare if you know it.

Try to stagger your journey at busy times if you can as you may not always be able to board the first bus.

Wash or sanitise your hands before and after travelling.

Follow advice from our staff when given and be considerate to others.

Do not leave any newspapers or rubbish when you leave the bus.

For our part we currently have enhanced vehicle cleaning in place and where possible we are using Double Deck vehicles on Route 84 journeys whenever possible to create more room to improve social distancing.

Many thanks for your co-operation during these difficult times.