Routes 84/84A

  • We regret that the journeys beyond St Albans city centre to Luton or Firbank Road are being withdrawn due to lack of demand, after close of service on 7 April. Thank you to those customers that have supported the service on this section of route over the last year or so. School journeys will continue to run to St Albans Girls School and Townsend School. The Townsend School journeys will, however, set down and pick up in High Oaks instead of the school grounds.
  • Throughout the rest of the route (New Barnet – St Albans and return), the current basic weekday daytime frequency of 15-20 minutes, half-hourly on Sundays, will continue but with adjustments to most timings to improve punctuality.
  • All journeys will operate via Cell Barns and St Albans City Station (except for one schoolday journey in each direction via London Road) and all will now be numbered as route 84.
  • The evening service will finish earlier, reflecting reduced demand, with last journeys at 2300 daily from St Albans to Potters Bar and 2255 (2155 on Sundays) from New Barnet to South Mimms.
  • Journeys into St Albans will now run via Hatfield Road between City Station and St Peters Street (except arrivals on Mondays to Fridays between about 0800 and 0900 which will still run via Victoria Street, as will all departures from St Albans).

Route 242 (Mondays to Saturdays)

  • All journeys serving the Brookfield Centre will run via Whitefields Road and Church Lane to/from Flamstead End (as well as via Brookfield Lane).
  • Apart from some resulting minor timing adjustments, the daytime service will continue to run as at present.
  • The evening service is revised to provide an approximately hourly service between Waltham Cross and Rosedale Estate via Brookfield Centre and DigDag Hill, with the last bus from Waltham Cross departing 5 minutes later at 2255 to Potters Bar Garage.

Route PB1

  • Alterations to timings will allow more running time for peak hour journeys on Mondays to Fridays in order to improve punctuality.

The new timetables are now available on our website  and new timetable booklets are available on our buses and from the usual outlets.

7 April 2017