Changes to Routes 84 and 242 from 24 February 2018

Following a careful review of usage of routes 84 and 242, we have made a number of timetable changes. These are aimed at continuing to provide good levels of service where there is reasonable demand but withdrawing a number of lightly-used journeys, in order to improve the financial sustainability of the overall service. The changes are briefly summarised below but please check the new timetables. A copy of our new booklet can be downloaded in PDF format by clicking here or you can pick up a free printed copy on our buses and from selected local outlets. Individual route timetables for routes 84 and 242 can be downloaded from the links below. There are no changes to route PB1.

We have tried to minimise any impacts but apologise to any customers who may be adversely affected by these necessary changes to our commercial operations. If you wish to make any comments, please email us at [email protected] .

Route 84 New Barnet – Potters Bar – London Colney – St Albans

Mondays to Fridays and Saturdays

The main change will be to the ‘off-peak’ service (0900-1530 approx) when there will be a reduction in frequency on the New Barnet – Potters Bar Station section to half-hourly. The Potters Bar Station – St Albans section will continue to operate at 15 minute intervals at these times

School journeys will continue to operate as now, with some minor timing changes, except that the London Road journeys will instead run via Cell Barnes and the bus currently running ‘direct’ to Barnet will run to Potters Bar

There will be timing adjustments to most journeys, with some reduction in early morning journeys, please refer to timetable for details

Some journeys will serve Cranborne Industrial Estate, click here for details

The last bus from St Albans to Potters Bar will now depart at 2305 daily while the last bus from New Barnet will be at 2200 daily to St Albans, with a 2305 departure on Saturdays only to Potters Bar Cranborne Road (later connections with the Underground Piccadilly line to and from central London are available at Cockfosters using TfL Route 298, click here for timetable)

Sundays and Public Holidays

There will be a reduction in the main Sunday frequency over the New Barnet to Potters Bar Station section to hourly, while the Potters Bar Station – St Albans section will continue to run half-hourly, but with a later start

Last buses will be as for Mondays to Fridays

The Good Friday service will now be based on the Sunday service, with some additional early morning journeys, instead of the Saturday service

Click here for the new route 84 timetable

Route 242 Potters Bar – Cuffley – Cheshunt – Waltham Cross

Mondays to Fridays and Saturdays

There will be a significant reduction in the ‘off-peak’ service (0900-1530 approx) on the very lightly used Potters Bar -  Cuffley section, plus some peak hour adjustments, and Bury Green will no longer be served

The current half-hourly off-peak service (introduced relatively recently) on the Cuffley – Waltham Cross section will be reduced to run approximately every 40-45 minutes although there will be some longer gaps

All journeys will now serve the Brookfield Centre and nearly all will run via Whitefields Road

The school journeys serving Dame Alice Owen’s School and from Potters Bar to Goffs School in the morning and return in the afternoon will remain with some timing adjustments but the morning journey from Waltham Cross serving Goffs School and return in the afternoon will no longer operate

The last bus from Waltham Cross will now be at 2105 to Potters Bar Bus Garage; the last bus from Potters Bar Station to Waltham Cross remains at 1915, while the evening Dig Dag Hill diversions will cease

The Saturday service will more closely resemble the new Monday to Friday timetable, and with an earlier first journey in each direction than at present

Click here for the new route 242 timetable.

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