Metroline Success at the 2018 IRTE Skills Challenge.

Congratulations to Metroline’s Mitesh Patel who was the winner of the Top Scoring Mechanical Technician and runner up in the Vehicle Inspector categories at the 2018 Institute of Road Transport Engineers (IRTE) Skills Challenge.

Daniel Briscoe continued the success for Metroline earning the Runner up prize in the Apprentice Category.

A helpful call in a time of distress: Metroline bus driver Dinu is a shining example of going above and beyond the call of duty to ensure the safety of our customers.

On 25 June, Driver Dinu was driving on the 332 route when he noticed that a female travelling alone was crying. When trying to find out why the woman was in distress, Driver Dinu realised that she did not speak English. Wasting no time Driver Dinu called Lee Jackson, CentreComm Operations Manager via a code red call on the iBus radio and asked for assistance. Lee knew that his colleague, Swinder Sethi, Real Time Passenger Information Officer spoke Hindi and Punjabi so he asked her to assist him.  

Holloway’s Tracey Palmer Wins the Accessibility Champion Award at the 2017 London Bus Awards.

Congratulations to Tracey Palmer for winning the prestigious Accessibility Champion award at the 2017 London Bus Awards.  Tracey is well-known for being a caring, patient and compassionate driver and is a favourite with passengers and colleagues.   Moreover, she is a passionate advocate for older and disabled passenger transport accessibility and was appointed as the Holloway Garage Accessibility Champion to promote awareness of accessibility issues and help empower passengers to be more confident when using the bus.

Safely Serving London for 38 Years: Stan Davern is Metroline’s Transport Safety Champion.

Holloway driver Stan Davern has safely served Londoners for the last 38 years without ever being involved in a blameworthy collision. “Stan has received a host of commendations over the years, has an impeccable attendance record, and importantly doesn’t have a single blameworthy collision to his name,” says Metroline’s Head of Transport Safety, Ray Webb. Ray continues, “Stan reads the road well and no matter how busy it gets, he always keeps calm and in control.


POTTERS BAR BUS GARAGE OPEN DAY: Saturday 22nd July 2017, 10:30am – 4:00pm

Come along for a fun day out for all the family and enjoy buses from the 1950s and 60s up to the modern day, free rides on a selection of vintage buses over local routes and a variety of stalls selling transport memorabilia.

All proceeds go to charity

Admission will be by programme, priced £2.50, available on the day at the garage entrance. 

Ian Foster Elected to the General Council of the Institute of Road Transport Engineers.

Congratulations to Metroline’s Engineering Director Mr. Ian Foster who was elected to the General Council of the Institute of Road Transport Engineers (IRTE) in April.

The IRTE is one of the most respected names in the field of UK transport and is recognised as the impartial voice of the industry. As an independent body, the IRTE provides accreditation as well as support and guidance to transport engineers and technicians and believes in promoting best practice and safety whilst increasing the overall standard of vehicle repair.